Custom Lobby – Warzone 2.0


Al Mazhar Trios
Custom Lobby

2 March 2023
Start 7pm (UK) – 8pm (EU)

Entry Fee 10€
K/D No limits

Custom Rules
– All players must stream the event and show task manager 
– IF asked with reason, you must monicam, handcam etc.
– IF you restart at any time you need to show task manager again.
– All streams must be saved to your chosen streaming platform and available for admins review, failing to have the stream VOD saved may result in a DQ. ( all stream titles must display ‘Name tourney by @kingesport’)
– IF all team members are console players, at least 1 team member must stream
– There is an optional delay for streamers, you do not have to have a delay if you do not wish too but we recommend it.
– IF a replacement is needed, the King Esport STAFF should be notified and the streaming link and activision ID should be posted in the team discord room.
– No uses of glitches or bugs that may bring an advantage, anyone that uses these will be removed from the game and any future tournaments we run.
– All players need to be in the lobby within 5 minutes of the last game ending, if a player is not in the map will start without them.

Lobby restart
– The lobby will only be restarted if players from 5 or more teams disconnect within the first 5 minutes of the game.
– IF a player within the top 5 leading teams disconnects before 5 minutes from the start of the game then a reset of the lobby will be made. (only for game 5 or 6)
– IF anyone disconnects after 2 minutes from the start then the player will be given an average score based on total kills made throughout the tournament. IF this continues we will have to play on.(Average will be added at the end of the tournament)
– IF a cheater is found to be in the game that game will be restarted and the cheater banned from future tournaments.
– IF more then 10% of the lobby is receiving high packet loss the game will be restarted.
– IF teams are mixed up at the fault of the game/server, we will reset the lobby.
– It is severely prohibited to team up with other teams. In case someone does so the match will be restarted and the teams are disqualified.

Please note: All in tournament communication/organisation is done through our Discord​.

Once you have finished each match, the captain of each team will need to submit their kills and placement along with evidence (ideally screenshots and not clips) via the Discord private rooms of the teams, failure to do so will result in your team receiving 0 points for that map.

Tournament activities are managed by ASD ESPORTS PLAY.
Registration is restricted to Lega Esport – ACSI card holders only.

IF found to be using any the team will get 0 points for the map:
– IF you die in the gulag and spectate another team, you are not allowed to call out.
– Redeploy backpacks/tokens – must splat when used if accidentally taken
– Bomb drones
– Custom shotguns
– Signal 50 Sniper Rifle (including ground loot)
– Drill Charges (including ground loot)
– Fire Ammunition (ground loot allowed till loadout is used)
– Custom LMG’s (ground loot allowed till loadout is used)
– Cluster Mines
– Heavy Chopper
– Third Person Spectating
– All bugged guns that cause in game glitches – All Invisible/Glitched Skins

if a person in the squad is alive at the time of jailbreak then the team mates can all return. if no one in the squad is alive then the team must splat to the ground immediately.

Each kill per squad member on each map: 1 point

1st place: 2x multiplier
2nd – 3rd place: 1.75x multiplier
4th to 10th place: 1.5x multiplier
11th to 20th place: 1.25x multiplier

Prize money in cards worth €1000

1 place = 600€
2 place = 300€
3 place = 100€