Vanguard Royale
KillRace Trios

Start 09/01/2022
Finish 10/01/2022

Two division
per k/d

Vanguard Royale – Killrace Trios

Date and time:
The tournament starts on Sunday 9 January and ends on Monday 10 January, you choose the start time and you have 3 hours to play and then send us the results.
(All games that have been started on time according to the time stamp on cod.tracker.gg will be considered)

The best 3 games played in the tournament time will be considered.
1 kill = 1 point
1 place = 5 point
Kill multiplier = to the average k/d of the lobby (taken from cod.tracker.gg or wzstats.gg)

– MAX 5.00 K/D Team (sum of k/d of participants cannot exceed 5 – Each single player can have maximum 1.99 k/d) (Accounts must have at least 600 games played between verdansk and rebirth) (The k/d taken into account is the Global one)
*Teams with inactive or suspicious accounts will be considered smurfs and moved to the category with no K/D limit*.
– No K/D limit

General rules:

– Streaming must be saved and available at least 24h after the tournament

– All PC players MUST be streaming and show the task manager at the start of the tournament.

– If the team plays from consoles it is necessary that at least one player MUST be streaming

– You can participate from any platform (Playstation, Xbox, PC)

– The VPN is valid, there are multipliers that will affect the final score in case of bot lobbies.

– Cross Play Active

– Substitution of a player is not allowed

– At least one player per team must be streaming but ALL PC players must be streaming and show their task manager before the tournament starts. The whole task manager must be shown until the end. If streaming stops and is restarted, the streaming task manager must be shown again. We reserve the right to request to show the task manager again during and after the tournament.

– In case of a tie, we will look at the team with the most wins in the matches considered first. If both teams have the same number of wins, we will look at the number of kills in the matches under consideration. If both teams have the same number of kills we will look at the team with the highest score in a single match.

-The organisation has the possibility to change or remove items from the rules.

Send results

At the end of your tournament will be available for all participants a form in which you must enter the link of wzstats.gg or cod.tracker.gg of your best 3 matches.

If the match is not present on wzstats, use cod.tracker.gg if it is not present there please contact an admin who will need a screen/clip of the match result and a multiplier of 0.90 will be assigned.

In case of obvious presence of cheaters in the lobby which raises the lobby average a lot the multiplier will be equal to 1.00

will be available at the end of the tournament

The final prize money will be €800 if there are 46 participating teams!

No Limits 500€ 

  • 1 place 300€
  • 2 place 150€
  • 3 place 50€

Max 5 k/d 300€ 

  • 1 place 175€
  • 2 place 75€
  • 3 place 50€